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At myplaceintheworld.com we own, and rent out, over 190 domain names all starting with ‘myplacein’ and ending in a ‘country/region name’ (e.g myplaceinturkey.com). Our domain names are ideal for those who own, rent or sell rental properties abroad and who want a really easy web domain name for their customers to remember. The more memorable your domain name – the more people will get to your website, the more bookings or sales you will get. The beauty of renting a domain name off us is that you need to do nothing to your existing website or domain name. All we do is configure the new domain name to ‘point’ to your existing site. You can choose how you want to promote your ‘new’ name on your site or to social media.

For example –

  1. You own a holiday rental apartment in Turkey.
  2. You built a website on ‘quiksites.com’.
  3. Your domain name is http://www.heredotapartmentinbodrum.quiksites.com.
  4. You now rent the domain names http://www.myplaceinturkey.com and http://www.myplaceinturkey.co.uk from us at £9.99 a month for both.
  5. We do the technical stuff behind the scenes to point these domain names to your existing site.
  6. You are now free use them as your new web address and promotional name and can even keep your original domain name and site.
  7. If you change your mind, your existing site and domain name will not have changed and will always be there for you to use.

Whilst you won’t own the new domain name, we can work with you to put promotion posts on our blog and social media (private holiday lets only) and a link from our site to yours. Prices are listed below but will vary depending on the size/number of properties on your site.

What’s more your first month is free just so you can see how it all works, and we are more than happy to agree short term contracts so you stay in control. If you are not satisfied you can change your mind. If you are more than happy to sign up for a longer term contract, you’ll get our best prices.

For further details, or terms and conditions please get in contact

All .com domains priced from £6.99 / month*, all .co.uk from £4.99 / month*, packages (both .co and .co.uk) from £9.99 / month*

(*based on 12 months contract)

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